We have developed our resources and infrastructure with the concern of expertise to manufacture sheet metal press components and assembly products to Automobile industries. We have well planned and state of the art infrastructure with a vision to grow and achieve quality and excellence in our work.The infrastructure cover area of 10,500 sq.ft in a secured atmosphere with a fully equipped Tool Room, Press Shop (capacity ranging from 20 Ton to 200 Ton) SPM and a variety of other related machinery and equipment.

We offer our customers the best of quality with prime focus being, prompt on time delivery and the best competitive cost in the industry out required pressing operations . We have enough skilled and semi skilled work force to meet our customer requirements.

Description Capacity Quantity (Nos)
Surface Grinder (Manual) 2 ft 1
Surface grinding (1 axis automatic) 2 ft 1
Fully Automatic high precision grinding machine,hydraulic control (KENT) 800/400mm
Lathe 4 ft 1
Drilling Machine 1” 1
Bench Grinder 1 HP 1
Linishing Machine 0.5 HP 1
Air Compressor 10HP 1
Air Compressor 5HP 2
Loading/Unloading Rigid Crane 1 Ton 1
Diesel Power Generator Set 40 KVA 1
Milling Machine No: 4 1
Radial drilling machine 1 1/2” 1
Description Capacity Quantity (Nos)
Power press & pneumatic press 30T-200T 18
Hydro Pneumatic press 2T 2
Barrlling machine Hexagon type 1
Power shearing machine 4 feetx2.5mm 1
Hydraulic shearing machine 6mmx8feet 1
De coiler 300 kg 1
Pneumatic feeder 150*2mm t 1
Tapping Machine (collet type) Upto 12mm 3
Automatic tapping with pitch control Upto 8mm 1
Drilling Machine 0.75" capacity 4
Projection Welding Machine 30 KVA, 5KVA 2
Pneumatic Leak Test m/c (time controller) 5 bar 1
Multi spindle drilling machine with hydraulic control SPM 1
Robotic co2 welding TA 1400 1
Manual co2 welding m/c - 1
Vibro Deburring 100L capacity 1
CNC Turning center DX 200 1